Hypnofunk duo since 2007


+ concierto ChUPACONChA
Groove Jazz Funk
Sábado 15 de Junio
de 18h a …

AtticFolies se pone Funky!Party + Concierto en el terrado!
18h : Vermut y Futbolín
20h : ChUPACONChA !
21h : Funk It ! Party
Es un Acto Privado
Solo la gente directamente invitada puede venir
Contáctanos para mas infos y reservar tu entrada!
621 002 885
Calle Blanqueria, 2
5º 6º y 7º pisos
¡ Viva la Pepa !

ChUPACONChA is the hypnofunk duo formed by Juice (electric trumpet & synths) and Jordan (drums)

The band started in 2007 when we met in Barcelona after having briefly collaborated in Italy. Both jazz and hippie lovers, we play psychedelic electronic rock music in improvised sessions and concerts. After a 5 years hiatus we are now producing material from the vault and recording brand new sessions.

Rehearsal _1-1_

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Rehearsal ·113·

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_@_ EP

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Hypnopodcast Vol 1

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